acuarioVirgo Horoscope for today, Tuesday Apr 24 2018:
Managing your finances, and working your way to true prosperity, is a matter of balance. Many different elements are involved, similar to the "credits" and "debits" lines on a bank statement, but more complex. There is the equation where time must balance out with money; making more money often means investing more time. There is the time-and-energy equation; sometimes you have time, but you have to manage your energy. Perhaps the most significant one is, how do you go beyond a linear model—that is, a dollar-per-hour model of supporting yourself? Thats a way of asking, what is the value on your intelligence? In order to support yourself on your ideas, you must understand the value of your ideas to others—and then connect with those other people. These are some of the themes that are described by Mars stationing direct in a few weeks, and working them out all month long will help you set yourself on a productive path. One more thing. There is no substitute for commitment; there is no alternative to applying yourself fully to what you want to do. Often, where there is a question of money or of self-support, commitment is the heart of the matter. The dedication you must offer can seem like it requires a sacrifice. Yet in truth, what you offer must be wholly voluntary. 


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