How is Virgo?

The sign of Virgo is very easy to recognize as in it we can find aspects of responsibility, the compromise and the practicality. These can make them look like cold and rigid, but even when some people are, there are some other aspects that we need to know about them.


Before starting, you need to know that Virgo is present from 24th August to 22nd September, The sign is reined by Earth and by Mercury.

Getting to Know Virgo

The element of Earth makes the sign of Virgo a sign that adapts really good at the situations, mainly because they analyze them and they take them in a more practical way. At the same time, it is a sign that offers features as responsibility, patience and sensibility.

Concerning Mercury, its reigning planet, it offers the sign capacities like the one for analysis as well as observation.

Besides this, there are other aspects that need to be known about it:

-       To start with it, we need to mention that they are willing to help the others. Virgo knows very good the limits of their help.

-       At the same time, people under this sign are very hard workers and, mainly, they are very caring, and very perfectionist.

-       Now, they love for work can leave them far from other interesting things, as family. So, it is necessary for them to reach a balance.

-       The sign of Virgo stands out also for its patience, rational thought more than emotional and for its responsibility.

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