Virgo And The Hermit

We perfectly know that all the signs of the Zodiac have their relation with a card of the Tarot. This is something very interesting to know as besides the features of each of the signs, we can also discover a lot of secrets in them that we did not know before.

the hermit

In this case, we will talk about the sign of Virgo and its figure in the Tarot: the hermit.

Relations between Virgo and the Hermit

To be able to understand the relation that we have between these two elements is necessary to know them and see which the qualities that the Hermit offers to Virgo are.

-          Isolation: The Hermit is a figure that is usually represented as isolated without having a lot of interactions with the rest of the world.  This feature of the Hermit reveals a secret to us about Virgo: they are people that love to be sometime alone so they can meditate and think about their lives. Because of this, we do not have to find it strange if, one day, Virgo does not want to go out with friends sometime of if it does not answer to our calls.

-         Worry for the others: Inspite the Hermit is a solitarie figure, what it really does is to worry for society. This feature of the Hermit makes Virgo being always worried abiyt the problems that their family or friends have.

-          Help in the trip: The Hermit is a person that takes care of all of us. Its capacity to analyze problems and to put light in the path of the others is what offers Virgo its capacity to advice in a good way people that are close to it. Virgo sees clearly the results and it does not know how to advice the others.

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